Most friends who know us will realise the Wobbly Bodger loves making fan carved birds, handmade from a single piece of carefully selected larch, split approximately 40 times and manipulated to open out each individual feather to make each individual bird. Tradition has it that they are good luck, so they would be a great gift for anyone moving house or setting up in a new ‘nest’.

Fan Carved Lovebirds

He also makes a pair of ‘love birds’ , again from a single piece of Larch, carefully balanced to pivot at the centre of the beaks and hung from a piece of fishing line. These would make a thoughtful and lovely gift for a newly engaged couple or bride and groom.

Each bird is unique and you can even add a little colour with acrylic paint or Sharpie Pens to make a stunning gift.

Fan carved birds can be bought from our stall at any of our events or demonstrations, or contact us to order.