We are passionate about keeping alive some of the traditional heritage crafts from around the world. As the world became mechanised, production increased and heritage crafts declined in popularity giving way to modern, faster manufacturing methods.

Our intention is to keep alive some of the traditional and not so traditional heritage crafts under threat in our fast and busy world. All our products are handmade from seasoned and green wood and each item is unique and individual

  • Fan Carved birds
  • Wooden kitchen utensils, including wooden spoons, trenchers and bowls
  • Hardwood chopping boards
  • Solid wood cheese, bread, and egg & soldier boards
  • Wooden jewellery
  • House and stable signs
  • Wooden stools
  • Rustic garden furniture
  • Wedding drop boxes and memory boxes
  • Green woodworking tools such as knives, crook knives and bushcraft knives
  • Pens

We also make bespoke leather goods, bags, wallets, bracelets, journal covers, bracers etc.